Establishing a Positive Classroom Culture in your Classroom | Episode #1

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Episode Summary

We’re discussing positive classroom culture today and ways to establish one in your classroom.

Brittany and Ellie will boil down a positive classroom culture into three main areas and discuss ideas, tips, experiences, and more that helped them create positive classroom cultures throughout their career.

Having a positive culture in your classroom can help you in so many ways, especially as the year runs on, and the kids get more comfortable. By establishing routines, building relationships, and caring about students as a whole individual, you can build an incredibly well-oiled machine that is bonded as a class and focused on learning and growing as individuals and as a team. Hear how a positive classroom culture can even help you on sub days.

Topics Discussed

  • Positive Classroom Cultures
  • Routines
  • Relationships
  • Social-Emotional Well-Being


Resources for a Positive Classroom Culture

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