Classroom Games You Can Play Today | Episode #3

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Episode Summary

Today Brittany and Ellie are chatting about a few engaging games you can take into your classroom and play any time!

In this episode, Brittany and Ellie share three games that are perfect for upper elementary and middle school classrooms. These games are fun and challenging and are perfect to add to your teaching toolbox!

First up, Brittany has an engaging game of questions, called “You Can’t Win.” This game can be played once a week, a couple times a week, or for a couple minutes every day….whatever works best for your schedule. In this game, students are challenged to find correct answers to teacher-posed questions. These questions should be difficult to find the answers to, but not SO difficult as to make them discouraging. The questions in this game can revolve around a certain theme, like the state you live in. Once students find the answer to the first question, they are given a second one, and then a third, fourth, and fifth. Students must remember the answers to the previous questions as new questions are added. The student who can ultimately answer all 5 questions correctly wins! This game can potentially take months and you can build up a pretty hefty prize as days go by with students trying to find the answers. Listen in for how Brittany used this game in her classroom!

Next up on the game list is the tried and true classic game, “Silent Ball.” Our hosts share the similarities and differences in the ways they played this game with their middle school classes, including a couple ways to spice it up. Silent Ball is a great game for down time, to play in silence as students wait for pick up, as you’re waiting to head to an assembly, or any time you need an active but quiet activity.

The third game Brittany and Ellie chat about is ‘Word Wheel Challenge,’ which basically challenges students to spin a wheel and think of words. Ellie shares how the wheel is designed and the rules of this game as she walks you through how the game works from the student point of view. This game includes multiple wheel spins, time limits, points and teamwork. Tune in to find out how to create the game and find out all the details of this engaging game!

If you have any questions about the any of the games, please send us a DM on our Instagram account, Teaching Toolbox Podcast!

Topics Discussed

Three Classroom Games

  • You Cant’ Win
  • Silent Ball
  • Word Wheel Challenge



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