How to Grade Efficiently with 10 Tips and Tricks | Episode #7

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Episode Summary

This week, Ellie and Brittany are looking at how to grade efficiently and swiftly. They have over ten tips to share with teachers that will get them away from the pen and back to what matters.

Grading can be a struggle. With long hours, lots of objectives, expectations, and more, grading can wear you down. It is a source of stress for many educators and creates friction between teachers and parents. Not only that but when grading gets in the way of family, the situation can become dire.

With these ten grading tips and tricks, plus a few bonus ones, Brittany and Ellie hope to ease teacher struggles and give them back time.

Topics Discussed

  • How to grade efficiently
  • Streamlining your grading
  • Organizational strategies
  • Effective grading choices


Resources for How to Grade Efficiently

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